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    There are lots of programs and with so many of them out there, how do you pick? How do you sort the good ones from the bad ones? It’s not hard if you follow some simple steps.First off, go online and do a Google search for “child care resource”. Google will return to you a number of sites that do referrals for child care centers in your area. Call these referral services and explain to them that you are searching for a good day care center for your child. They will refer you to a number of businesses in your area. Make note of these – get their addresses and phone numbers.These are referrals and not recommendations. You’ll need to call and visit them to see if the child care that they are providing is the type of service that you’re looking for.Now, the next step. You want to visit at least three of these businesses. These are busy places so don’t just drop in. Call and schedule an appointment.Before you visit, make a checklist of questions. Take these with you on your visit along with a pen or pencil so you can take notes.On the tour, there are three key things that you need to do – look, listen, and count.First, look around. Is it a cozy, home-like setting? Is it clean and safe? Is the space comfortable and organized? Are dangerous things kept out of reach of children?Scan the room. Are there plenty of books and toys around so children can choose their own activities? Look around to see if there is outside room for children to run around and play. Check the equipment (such as slides and swings) – are they in good condition?Next, stop and listen. Just looking around the room will tell you a lot. Based on what you hear, does it sound like a happy place? Do the children sound happy and involved? Do the teachers sound cheerful and patient? Does it seem too quiet? Or, is it too noisy? This might mean a lack of control.Finally, count. Count the number of children in the group. Then, count the number of caregivers with them. The fewer the children for each adult means that your child will get more attention.There is a lot to take in. Take notes. You’ll want to compare these notes later on.Once the tour is done, you still have one more thing to do and that’s the interview. Think of this as a job interview for the child care center. Nothing is off-limits, so ask what you like.Three key questions are: What is a typical day like for your child? What is their education level? What are their parent policies? Also, ask them for referrals. Be sure you’re satisfied with their answers.When you’re done, go home and read through your notes. Pick the child care provider that you think will best fit you and your child’s needs.One final step is to call the Department of Early Learning (866-482-4325). They will be able to tell you if there have been any documented complaints Benefits Of A Child Care Centre against the child care center that you’ve picked.It all comes down to shopping around.