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    The cutting of hair has had a strong religious significance since the dawn of man. Early man considered that hair was a channel whereby good and evil spirits could go into the body. Cutting the hair was the only method to eliminate the body of such evil visitors and razor blades happen to be traced returning to the Bronze Age. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that the desire for hairdressing and styling has remained constant along the ages.Now hairdressing and venta de productos de peluqueria are getting to be the biggest offshoots in the cosmetics industry and they are worth billions. One just have wander down the aisles of hair care products in any supermarket so see exactly what a lucrative business it has become – in fact it is one that is still growing.A huge selection of products compete colourfully together capture a persons vision and captivate the imagination. The claims to the strategies of beautiful hair read like poetry as shelf after shelf of lustrous looking locks proclaim their intentions to prospective buyers.The press, naturally, has been the driving force behind the hairdressing industry. We have been constantly bombarded by pictures of gleaming hair shimmering and vibrating with colour and life – and being confidentially and confidently assured that all this could be ours which has a shampoo, a conditioner, a gel, spray, lotion, moisturiser or colouring product. We can easily curl or tweak our hair, strengthen it so much that it may tow cars, cover our grey, our thinning scalps; tame our frizz or other imperfection. And, obviously, we be seduced by the promise repeatedly, which continues to feed this booming industry.The truth is, we will never settle for what nature gave us and always aspire to improve our locks. If we still have confidence in the significance of these, the press and the hairdressing industry continually exploit our vanities and insecurities. The cosmetics industry may allow us change just about everything about our hair; but beneath the lustrous exterior we can easily achieve only temporarily, lies the actual truth about our crowning glory!