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    A divorce attorney helps countless individuals navigate the often choppy waters of divorce proceedings. Divorce is a challenging time in a person’s life. With the help of an experienced attorney, many people find that the process goes much smoother than if they tread the waters alone. The divorcing couple must make several important decisions and hopefully come up with an agreeable resolution to the many questions they must sort out.There are several types of divorce including no-fault, at-fault, summary divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce and mediated divorce. This can be a trying time for the divorcing couple, so having a helping hand to guide them through the process is usually the best thing for both parties.In a no-fault divorce, the marriage is dissolved without either party needing to prove fault or allege fault on the other party. Currently, forty-nine states in the United States allow no-fault divorce including California. An at-fault divorce requires that one party prove that the other party committed an incompatible act, which would therefore prove the other party was at fault. New York requires one party to prove the other party was at fault for a divorce to be official. At-fault divorce cases may be contested by the other party, but most cases end in divorce anyway.A summary divorce is a simple divorce that is only available in certain jurisdictions. The divorcing spouses must be eligible and agree on certain terms beforehand. The marriage must have been less than five years, the couple is not to have had any children (some states allow a summary divorce is custody and child support has been agreed upon), the couple does not have a mortgage, property in the marriage is under a certain amount (amount varies) and the individuals’ property is also under a certain amount.An uncontested divorce occurs when the couple agrees on child support, custody and other key The Right Kind Of Quick Divorce issues and is able to present the court with an acceptable agreement. A divorce attorney may assist in guiding this process. A collaborative divorce occurs when divorce attorneys help to mediate the divorce agreement between the couple. This is often a cheaper method than others.Still, a mediated divorce involves a mediator to help the couple come to an agreement. No matter the type of divorce a couple chooses, hiring a attorney for a no-fault divorce in Fullerton, California will help the process go as smoothly as possible just as a at-fault is better handled by a New York lawyer if the case is in these respective states.