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    HE SURPRISED ME BY a name necklace
    Having a birthday party with close friends and family right when you are about to get married is a wonderful experience.

    Receiving an awesome gift from your fiance makes your birthday even better.
    I was thankful to have that birthday party about a month ago.
    I think that my fiance really gets my likes and dislikes. I like custom-made products, I like jewelry, I like my name.
    So he gave me exactly everything I like, my custom name necklace for my birthday.
    I was a happy woman who was proposed by a gentleman that has been with me for almost 7 years, and through every path, every difficulty. We are planning to get marry this summer with close friends and family gather and cheer for our new chapter in life.
    I thought I couldn’t be happier.
    But I guess I was wrong.
    The moment I see my name necklace that was given to me by my fiance was a moment I could not forget.
    I was named after my grandmother who passed away when I wasn’t even born, but to many family members, she was a lovely and graceful woman. Everyone knows that I love my name. It is a beautiful name and it carries many emotions and memories within.
    The necklace is very beautiful. I believe it is made of 925 sterling silver. The name part, acording to my fiance, is customized and hand crafted by jewelers who have more than 10 years of experience. I believe they took very special care to my necklace to make it so beautiful and elegant.

    I think that I would wear this name necklace when I get married.
    My fiance also thinks that it is a great idea, and that he was glad that I decide that because he was hoping for me to wear my name necklace on our wedding.
    I noticed that he has no name necklace for himself.
    And this is when I thought, well, maybe I could get him another name necklace so that we could have matching necklace to wear on our wedding.

    Well, now that I think back, it started like a crazy fun idea. But then, with all the love and message that the necklace carries, I think it is a beautiful gift for both my fiance and me.
    So I did a little internet research, and found several shops that sell customized necklace that are quite expensive. I didn’t ask my fiance where did he buy my necklace because I’m afraid he would notice and spoil the surprise. I have to do this on my own.
    I told some of my friends about my plan and they are very exciting to help. We all look for cheap customized necklace to save the bride budget. Then, we found this

    I find the price very reasonable, the materials are also alike my name necklace. I think that maybe my fiance and me shop the same store. We are just 2 peas in the pod.
    I then contact the shop. The staffs are very friendly and helpful with my order. All I have to do is tell them what I want, like I want the same font like my name necklace, with the same color maybe the same length… I even ask them if it’s weird for a man to wear a name necklace.
    But then, after all, it is all about committing our love for each other and our little family.
    I feel funny and overjoy about these name necklaces that are the evidence of our new chapter, starting together as a family. Then, when we have kids we can give our kids each a necklace with their name on it.
    Wedding rings are for committing and promising how we are going to treat each other as days ahead.
    However, a name necklace will bonding our family in the future, as each member can have one to their own to celebrate their beautiful name and to remind everyone that no matter what family is always with them.
    I believe different person will have different points and views on this matter. But for me, personally I just love this idea.
    Thanks to Graceful Rings, I managed to give my fiance the perfect wedding gift as our wedding are weeks away, matching name necklace.
    My fiance was very happy, a little surprise though I think he figured this a long time ago, way when he was coming up with the idea of giving me my name necklace as a birthday and wedding gift.
    We laughed and enjoy our dinner, like we have always been 7 years and until now.
    I look at my name necklace that night, thinking about all the memories I had and appreciate all the paths I have walked through. I hope that the necklace could continue to carries many more happy moments and memories of our family days ahead.

    If you had read my story and want to shop for yourself, or your family members, friends, lovers etc; you can check out. Like I said in my story, the price for a customized jewelry at this shop is easy to afford, the staffs are friendly and the shipment was really fast.
    If you are more fond of other jewelry like bracelets, rings… this shop still provides variety of choices of customized jewelry. Other options for you to customize your jewelry can be found, and if you want more details, contact the shop or leave them a note so they will know.
    I, myself, am very satisfied about their service and expect to buy more from them in the future. Maybe next time I would buy my parents name necklaces as a gift for their anniversary. I always think that customized products are awesome because they carry love, messages and many more meaningful values within them.
    That is why I love my name necklace so much, my fiance also enjoy wearing his name necklace everyday and not long after our wedding, our kids would love to wear name necklace like their mommy and daddy, I believe that.